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Journal Publications

Below is a list of recent publications in peer-reviewed journals:
  1. Smith, R.C. and SenGupta, A.K. "Mixed Anion Exchange Resins for Tunable Control of Sulfate–Chloride Selectivity for Sustainable Membrane Pretreatment." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. (2016): DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.5b03081.
  2. Smith, R.C. and SenGupta, A.K. “Integrating tunable anion exchange with reverse osmosis for enhanced recovery during inland brackish water desalination.” Environ. Sci. Technol. (2015), 49, 5637-5644.
  3. Padungthon, S., German, M., Wiryathamcharoen, S. and SenGupta, A.K. “Polymeric anion exchanger supported Zr(IV) oxide nanoparticles: A reusable hybrid sorbent for selective trace arsenic removal.” Reactive and Func. Polym. (2015), 93, 84-94.
  4. Stanton, B. et al. “MDI Biological laboratory arsenic summit: Approaches to limiting human exposure to arsenic.” Curr Envir Health Rpt. (2015) DOI 10.1007?s40572-015-0057-9.
  5. Smith, R.C., Li, J., Padungthon, S. and SenGupta, A.K. “Nexus between polymer support and metal oxide nanoparticles in hybrid nanosorbent materials (HNMs) for sorption/desorption of target ligands.” Front. Environ. Sci. Eng. (2015) DOI 10.1007/s11783-015-0795-9.
  6. Padungthon, S., Li, J., German, M and SenGupta, A.K. “Hybrid anion exchanger with dispersed zirconium oxide nanoparticles: A durable and reusable fluoride-selective sorbent.” Environ. Engr. Sci. (2014), 31, 7, 360-372.
  7. Ghosh, D., Sarkar, S., SenGupta, A.K. and Gupta, A. “Investigation on the long-term storage and fate of arsenic obtained as a treatment residual: A case study.” Jour. Hazardous Materials (2014) 271, 302-310.
  8. Padungthon, S. and SenGupta, A.K. Comments on “Polymerization of silicate on hematite surfaces and its influence on arsenic sorption.” Environ. Sci. Technol. (2013), 47, pp 5514-5515.
  9. German, M., SenGupta, A.K. Greenleaf, J.E. Feature Article in Environmental Science and Technology "Hydrogen Ion (H+) in Waste Acid as a Driver for Environmentally Sustainable Processes: Opportunities and Challenges." (2013) 2145-2150.
  10. Sarkar, S., Guibal, Eric., Quignard,F. and SenGupta, A.K. “Polymer-Supported Metal and Metal and Metal Oxide nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications : A Review.” Jour. Of Nanoparticles Research (2011). Accepted for Publication.
  11. Sarkar, S. SenGupta, A.K. Greenleaf, al. “Energy Recovery from Acid-Base Neutralization Process through pH-sensitive Polymeric Ion Exchangers.” Ind.Eng.Chem.Res. (2011), 50, 12293-298.
  12. Chatterjee, P.K. , SenGupta, AK. “Interference-free detection of trace copper in the presence of EDTA and other metals using two complementary chelating polymers.” Colloids and Surfaces A: Physico chemical and Engineering Aspects (2011) 384, 432-441.
  13. Chatterjee, P. K., Sengupta, A. K., “Toxic Metal Sensing through Novel Use of Hybrid Inorganic and Polymeric Ion-Exchangers.” Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. (2011) 29(3),398-420
  14. Padungthon, S., Greenleaf, J.E., SenGupta, A.K., (2010) Carbon Dioxide Sequestration through Novel Use of Ion Exchange Fibers (IX-Fibers). Chem. Engr. Res. and Design. (2011) 89, 1891-1900.
  15. Sarkar, S., Chatterjee, P.K., Cumbal, L. and SenGupta, A.K. “Hybrid ion exchanger supported nanocomposites:Sorption and sensing for environmental applications.” Chemical. Eng. Jour. 166 (2011), 923-931.
  16. Sarkar, S., SenGupta, A.K. and Prakash, P. Feature Article in Environmental Science and Technology “The Donnan Membrane Principle: Opportunities for sustainable engineered processes and materials.” (2010) 44, 4, 1161-1166.
  17. An, B., Fu, Z., Xiong., Zhao, D., and SenGupta, AK. “Synthesis and characterization of a new class of polymeric ligand exchangers for selective removal of arsenate from drinking water.” React. Func. Polym. (2010), 70, 8, 497-507.
  18. El-Moselhy, M.M., SenGupta, A.K. and Smith, R. “Carminic acid modified anion exchanger for the removal and preconcentration of Mo(VI) from wastewater.” Jour. Hazardous Materials. (2011) 185, 1, 442-446.
  19. Sarkar, S., Greenleaf, JE., Gupta, A., Ghosh, D., Blaney, LM., Bandyopadhyay, P., Biswas, RK., Dutta, AK., SenGupta, AK. “Evolution of community-based arsenic removal systems in remote villages in West Bengal, India: Assessment of decade-long operation.” Water. Res. (2010). 44, 5813-5822.