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Researches in Recent Past

 Previous Researches and Ph D Graduates
Yuewei Zhu (Ph.D. 1992), Project Manager, Horne Environmental Co., Virginia.
Research Title: Chelating Polymers with Nitrogen Donor Atoms: Their Unique Properties in Relation to Heavy Metal Sorption and Ligand Exchange.
Sukalyan Sengupta (Ph.D. 1993), Professor and Chair, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Research Title: A New Separation and Decontamination Technique for Heavy-Metal-Laden Sludges Using Sorptive/Desoptive Ion-Exchange Membranes.
Yi-Min Gao (Ph.D.1995), Managing Director, British Standards, Taiwan.
Research Title: Sorption Enhancement of Heavy Metals onto Modified Iron-Rich Material.
Indra Mitra (Ph.D.1997), Project Manager, CH2MHill, Virginia.
Research Title: Enhancing the Stability of Anaerobic Biological Reactors with Composite Ion-Exchangers: Concepts, Experimental Validations and Modeling.
Dongye Zhao (Ph.D.1997), Associate Professor, Auburn University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Research Title: Polymeric Ligand exchange: A New Approach Toward Enhanced Separation of Environmental Contaminants.
Arthur Kney (Ph.D. 1999), Associate Professor, Lafayette College, PA, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Research Title: Synthesis and Characterization of A New Heavy Metal selective Inorganic ion-exchanger.
Ping Li (Ph.D.2000), Self Employed.
Research Title: Sorption of synthetic Aromatic Anions onto Polymeric Ion-Exchangers: Genesis of Selectivity and Effects of Equilibrium Process Variables on Sorption Kinetics.
Parna Mukherjee (Ph.D. 2002), House wife. Resigned from California State University following maternity leave.
Research Title: Relative Permeation of Ions in Reverse Osmosis Processes using Ion-exchange Selectivity Data: Theoretical Approach and Experimental Validation.
Prakhar Prakash (Ph.D. 2003), Research Engineer, Chevron Oil Corporation, California. 
Research Title: Selective Coagulant Recovery from Water Treatment Residuals Using the Donnan Membrane Processes.
Luis Cumbal (Ph.D. 2004), Professor and Director of Environmental Engineering, Army Engineering Institute, Ecuador.
Research Title: Polymer-Supported Hydrated Fe(III) oxide Nanoparticles: A Robust Arsenic-Selective Sorbent.
John Greenleaf (Ph.D. 2007), Visiting Faculty. Lafayette College in PA.
Research Title: Chemical-free Softening of Hard Water Using Ion-Exchange Fibers and Harvested Snow-melt or Rain Water.
Prasun K. Chatterjee (Ph. D. 2011) Post-doctoral Research Associate and adjunct Faculty, Lehigh University Research title: Sensing and Detection of Toxic Metals in Water with innovative Sorption-Based Techniques.