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Patents and Inventions

Below is a complete list of patents and commercialization of inventions
U.S. Patents:
  • SenGupta, A.K. U.S. Patent No. 5,304,309 awarded in 1994 on "Cyclic Process for Selective Coagulant Recovery from Clarifier Sludge."
  • SenGupta, A.K. and D. Zhao. U.S. Patent No. 6,136,199 awarded in 2000 on "Selective Removal of Phosphate and Chromate by Ion Exchange."
  • SenGupta, A.K. and Prakash, P. US Patent No. 6,495,047 awarded in 2002 on “Process for Selective Coagulant Recovery from Water Treatment Plant Sludge.”
    SenGupta, A.K. and Cumbal, L.H. US Patent No. 7,291,578 awarded in 2007 on “Hybrid Anion Exchanger for Selective Removal of Contaminating Ligands from Fluids and Method of Manufacture Thereof.”
    SenGupta, A.K.; P. Li; J.B.Murray; et Al US Patent No. 7,540,965 awarded in June 2, 2009 on “Process for Treating Concentrated Salt Solutions containing Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC).”
    SenGupta, A.K. and Sarkar, S. US Patent No. 7901577 awarded in March 8, 2011.”Brackish and Sea Water Desalination by A Hybrid Ion Exchange/Nanofiltration (HIX-NF) Process.”
    SenGupta, A.K. and Chatterjee, P. US Patent No. 8187890 awarded May 29, 2012. “Rapid Sensing of Toxic Metals with A New Hybrid Material Through pH Changes.”
    SenGupta, A.K. and Surapol Padungthon. US patent No. 9,120,093 B2, September 1, 2015. “Hybrid Anion Exchanger impregnated with Zirconium Oxide Nanoparticles for Selective Removal of Contaminating Ligands.”
    SenGupta, A.K. and Ryan smith. US Patent Application No. 14/289,134, May 28, 2014. “Brackish Water Desalination Using Tunable Anion Exchange Bed.”
    SenGupta, A. K. et al. US Patent Application 20120234765, Sept 20, 2012. “Method of Treatment of Produced Water from Gas Shale and Recovery of Important Divalent Ions.”

Invention Commercialiaztion:

  1. Polymeric/Inorganic Hybrid Ion exchanger material has been commercialized (US Patent No. 7,291,578) and over one million pounds has been manufactured and is currently in use in the US and four other countries for arsenic removal under the trade name ArsenXnp . More information is available at the two following websites of licensed US companies:
  2. Coagulant (alum) recovery process (US Patent No. 6,495,047 in 2002) is under development using a single-stage ion exchange membrane.